In today’s dynamic market, CRM is not only a piece of software but is a tool that helps organizations offer meaningful customer experience. With the market being more competitive than ever it was, B2B and B2C organizations today need an integrated solution that can capture customer data and convert it into actionable insights. This enables organizations to deliver instant personalized offerings through all possible channels.

SAP Customer Experience (CX) suite is an advanced CRM system to help your organization every possible way in your journey with customers. It offers a 360-degree view of your customers to help you effortlessly design and deliver engaging experiences.

SAP Customer Experience-the CX Suite

In reality, the SAP CX suite is more than a CRM designed to keep you ahead of your competitors in the experience economy where the customer is king. It is built keeping in mind the customer age we live in. In today’s world, customer expects engaging and rewarding experiences from brands. And brands should leverage the power of technology to deliver unique, trusted, and personalized experiences in the moments that matter most to their customers.

SAP C/4 HANA that is considered as the best of breed CRM available in the market is an advance 4th generation software. The ‘C’ stands for Customer, and ‘4’ represent Fourth-generation CRM that runs on HANA database.

With machine learning technology embedded into the system, SAP leaps forward in providing best in class CRM with real-time customer engagement. It has brought a paradigm shift in the way products and services are sold. With C/4 HANA, it’s not only a transaction with the customers but also a relationship that makes them feel rewarded.

The SAP HANA data management suite also makes it possible for the CRM to collect and analyse data from various sources.

How C/4 HANA helps your business

C4 HANA streamlines the sales, marketing and customer service processes that function in silos in a traditional CRM system. Being unified and coherent ensures all departments are aware of business activities.

Let’s consider a hypothetical example to explain how C/4 HANA unifies the entire sales ecosystem. If one of your marketing campaigns led a person to sign up on your website with contact information, it could be a potential customer showing interest in your brand. As soon as this happens, your marketing team automatically gets notified of what the person searched for. It also facilitates the marketing team with data that help them tailor the content and offerings fitting the person’s needs. It not only makes the journey of the consumer frictionless in the sales funnel, but he also feels valued to establish a long term relationship with the brand.

The Pillars of SAP Customer Experience

C/4 HANA is the combinations of five industry-leading cloud solutions designed to help your business maximize benefits.

SAP Commerce cloud:

With both cloud and on-premise deployment options, you can get multiple benefits from SAP commerce cloud.

  • Offers you Omni channel sales & Marketing experience
  • Accelerator module to fit your industry needs
  • Easy and customizable product management suite
  • Efficient order management coming from multiple channels

SAP Sales cloud:

SAP sales cloud allows you to augment your sales functionality with most advanced sales software suits. Here you can get:

  • End to end sales functions – lead to quote processing
  • Plug and play interface with SAP ERP to facilitate lead to cash process
  • User friendly analytics to measure various sales metrics and KPIs


SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP marketing cloud helps your marketing effort to find the right direction.  You can navigate through customers’ interest, behaviour with an easy to understand visual interface.

  • Consolidate all your marketing metrics into a single view
  • Make accurate targeting
  • Create successful and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Automate your campaigns across multiple channels

SAP Service cloud

Bring your customer service to the next level with conversational AI chatbots. With SAP customer cloud, you can respond to customer queries much faster across every channel.

  • Different channels of engagement – email, phone, social media
  • Easy interface with SAP ERP for contracts, warranties, installed base management and other service related processes
  • Use AI powered chat bots with natural language processing
  • Make seamless integration with other cloud solutions

SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP customer data cloud enables you to engage with customer while protecting their data and privacy. It’s an advanced customer data management solution that complies with local data privacy laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

  • Ensure data safety of Customers
  • Ensure your compliance with data regulation Law
  • Engage with audiences respecting their privacy

With SAP C/4 HANA, you can expect engaging and meaningful customer experience in reality. This customer-centric solution is to offer your business the much-needed integrity and agility for all the systems. From knowing your customer to offering post-sales service, it coherently unifies all the departments. Its architecture and integration capabilities make C/4 HANA the agile solution. It is easily customizable to your unique requirements and with hassle-free third-party integration.

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