Which Training Courses I should take to learn SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management?

Like many other SAP SuccessFactors Solutions, the Performance and Goals Management is

  • configured by Consultants, and
  • supported by Administrators.

Both roles have specific learning paths, which an aspirant can follow to build his/her profile.

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Depending on your interest to work for SAP Partners on Solution Delivery, or with SAP Customers on Solution Support roles, you’ll need to develop your skills as described in the below-mentioned learning journeys:

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How can I be a SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management Consultant?

Working with SAP Partners at Solution Implementation Projects require a number of skills, which can be developed through training. The learning journey, link of which is provided below, describes the courses which a to-be Performance and Goals Management Consultant has to attend.

Learning Journey Link

The main training, in addition to the overview courses, which Consultants need to take is THR82.

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Training SAP LInk

What can I learn in THR82 Course?

The course teaches the necessary skills to configure and implement the solution and its features, such as

  • Goals Management
  • Performance Management
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Stack Ranker / Team Overview
  • Calibration
  • 360 Reviews

How can I take the THR82 – Performance & Goals Management Training?

You can take the course through

  • Virtual Live Classroom, which is Instructor Led Training, or
  • Learning Hub, which allows its subscribers to learn in their own time.

How do I find right learning material in SAP Learning Hub?

Within SAP Learning Hub, you can choose from a variety of learning options, such as E-Learning, E-Book, and others.

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How can I be a SAP Certified SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management Consultant?

Once you have completed the training, you can take its Certification Exam. As you can see at this link, the exam consists of 80 questions, have to be completed within 3 hours, and have 64% cut score.

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You’re examined for each of the topics areas, covered within the training, such as Goal Plans, Form Templates, Performance Rating and Permissions, Competencies, Calibration, 360 Reviews, Configuration of Performance Management, Continuous Performance Management, Route Maps, and Translations. You may expect questions from topics according to their weight i.e. min 8% and max 12%.

After passing the exam, you earn an Acclaim Certification Badge, like the one shown below:

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What do I need to do to keep my Certification Status valid?

Afterwards, you need to take Delta Assessments to stay current. Earlier it used be done on quarterly basis, but now it’s twice a year.

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What do I need to do to work on Performance and Goal Management Support Role?

You can also grow as an Administrator of Performance and Goals Management Solution working for an SAP Customer. To develop required skills, you need to complete the training courses as described in the Learning Journey (link provided below).

Training Course link

From where I have to start my learning journey to be a Performance & Goal Management Administrator?

The first course is an MOOC, available at open.sap.com, and provides an HXM overview.

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The course covers the following topics:

  1. The Core Elements of HXM
  2. Shaping & Managing Employee Experience
  3. Strategic Applications of HXM

It’s a good way to learn what HXM is, how HXM technology is enabling HR to create more agile, adaptive, and successful companies, and how to effectively apply HXM concepts in organizations.

Is there any SuccessFactors overview course other than open SAP which I should take before PMGM?

By attending HRSF1 course, you can learn about other HXM processes too, to know how they are integrated with Performance & Goal Management Solution. The course provides overviews of various components, such as

  1. Recruiting (Candidate and Recruiter Experience)
  2. Onboarding
  3. Employee Central
  4. Learning Management System
  5. Career Development Planning
  6. Succession Management
  7. Compensation Planning

How MSITEK can help you with your SAP Learning Needs?

As an SAP Education Partner, specialized in SuccessFactors Solutions, we can support you with executing your Training Strategy. Get in touch to know more about our services.