An organization can drive business value by deploying a well-trained workforce. Especially when it comes to reaping the benefits of technology investment, training given to workforce to manage their day to day job immensely helps to maximize ROI.


A recent global study done by IDC research to find out the effectiveness of training in maximizing an organization’s SAP investment demonstrates the real value of training. It’s not only a critically important factor for the successful deployment of SAP solutions but also equally important for the improvements in key business value drivers. Some of the specific business benefits that organizations realized when the made investments in training are:


Empower innovation

Training enables your business to always stay ahead of the competition by creating a culture of continuous learning, keeping pace with technology advances, and innovating faster.


Improved value of SAP investment  

Deployment of SAP solutions brings significant improvement in business performance. However, organizations providing more end-user training doubled their performance. The study found that they recorded an average improvement of more than 51%.


Shorter deployment cycle

Enhancing the team’s performance through training led to a significant reduction in the time required in the deployment cycle. Companies that provided more than 50 hours of initial implementation team training saved almost a month of deployment time.


A higher level of satisfaction post-deployment 

Solutions deployed by a trained workforce garnered a higher level of satisfaction. Organizations were about 72% more likely to be highly satisfied with their deployment of SAP solutions.


Training led to acceleration of software use 

Moreover, training also made the team efficient to better understand the use of SAP applications to address business challenges. Customers were able to see how the software can solve a particular business problem and implement them around the organization.


Initial and continuous training increases business performance

Training imparted to the implementation and administration team at the onset of the project is essential to success. This initial training is positively correlated to faster deployment, overall satisfaction with the solution, rapid adoption with the newer business group, and creativity.


Enterprises are adopting SAP solutions to foster their digital strategy and improve user experience. However, the success of SAP deployment and its real benefits depends on providing sufficient training to the right people, on the right topics. To achieve this, an enterprise needs to:



Provide training consistently 

Build a strategy on how can you enhance the expertise of end-user, administrators, and implementation teams. Engage an organization with experience in providing training to ensure that every end-user learns the technology. Offer your workforce learning and development incentives to increase their participation.


Train users practically 

Training doesn’t only happen on-site anymore. It’s delivered digitally so that people can learn at any time, from any location. Utilize all the resources available like e-learning courses, Learning Hub, collaborative learning platforms-SAP JAM, Learning Room, and electronic performance support modules to offer efficient and convenient learning experiences.


If people aren’t trained in new and innovative technologies, they won’t succeed in adopting them. If innovative technologies aren’t broadly adopted, the business won’t achieve transformative results. Training is foundational to growth. Adapt the set of continuous learning best practices matched with the training and enablement solutions. Weave this framework into your corporate fabric to maximize productivity and competitiveness, and to ensure a constant stream of innovation.


MSITEK being the leading SAP Education Partner has been collaborating with organizations for delivering customized training based on business needs and solution deployment. We have the expertise and experience of delivering 25 plus client workshops on SAP solutions. We deliver multi-mode learning and support for technical users, project teams, consultants, administrators, business users, and anyone else who wants or needs to build SAP skills.


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