There has been an expectation from business to calculate additional and missing working hours of employees. Additionally also estimate loss of pay and Compensatory off requests by employees. This blog post will describe solutions provided by SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll using real time scenario based Implementations.



It happened to me a few months back in the Middle East country when I have been to one of my premium client based out in Qatar as a Solution architect. Let me give the technical background of the client to understand the blog in detail. The client went live with S/4Hana, and EC Payroll in late 2017 & I went there in late 2018 to propose my solution related to Time management and its integration with the payroll system, which they were facing a gap for a long time even with previous ERP system. Everything went well, and during end of the meeting, the HR business process owner requested us to come out with a solution which can make use of existing strong and stable solution of Time evaluation process in ECP system, which led us to find a solution without going for the new licenses & making an effective use of existing system functionalities.



The expectation from the business was to calculate the following

  1. Additional working hours compared with the daily work schedule.
  2. Missing hours compared with daily work schedule.
  3. Derive Overtime or Loss of pay from point #a & #b.
  4. Compensatory off in case of employees working on holidays and weekly off.


Solution Provided

To achieve this, we followed the below process

  1. Used time vendor machine to capture time logs and
  2. Time logs were pushed to S/4Hana staging tables using CPI
  3. Push time logs from staging tables to ECP using an SAP background job
  4. Ran the time evaluation using customized positive time evaluation schema in ECP
  5. Ran SAP background job to place the file in SFTP by using GPG encryption & decryption methodology to maintain data security.
  6. Later we used standard APIs to push the data from ECP to the EC timesheets where an employee can view and modify in case of missing punches.
  7. Later pushing the data back to ECP Time evaluation & time results in the payroll system.



With this solution

  1. We made extensive use of existing ECP functionality along with data security.
  2. Also, we were able to get old functionality like the time evaluation process in line with the new functionalities like EC timesheets, mobile application, and EC reporting.
  3. Most importantly, we could provide and implement this solution successfully without going for the new product or new licenses.