Engage and help your workforce thrive, from hire to retire

Your employees are the heart and soul of your organization

Just as your employees support the company, they need you to do the same for them

As an employer who strives to be the best in all that you do, you can provide this nurturing and support to your workforce at each stage of their journey

The practice of supporting the employee lifecycle from 'hire to retire' is called talent management and helps ensure that your employees feel connected to your company, but also ensure that they are aligned with the goals of your company, are improving their skills for better performance and output, and are being prepared to take over the reins of leadership as current leaders leave the company.

Businesses that take the time to support and nurture their employees in all areas of their working experience are the ones that tend to be innovative and profitable.

Why? Because when your workers feel safe, motivated and have purpose, businesses thrive

This is where a talent management system can help

A talent management system is a software solution that supports your talent management activities.

  • Planning: Ensure talent strategies align with the needs of the business. Work with leadership teams to understand business objectives then ensure the talent strategy supports these outcomes

  • Recruit candidates: Source talent globally, nurture candidates throughout the recruitment process, and leverage the efficiencies of a comprehensive applicant management and tracking system

  • Onboard employees: Optimize new hire engagement with a dedicated onboarding portal. Remp employees quickly with paperless new hire processes. Automate workflows for on-, off-, and cross-boarding

  • Manage employee performance. Help employees manage their goals. Use guided action planning for continuous performance management.

  • Plan and design compensation models. Reward and recognise strong performers.

  • Develop and retain employees. Provide modern and engaging learner experiences. Schedule and carry out compliance training. Develop proactive succession plans and actively develop leaders

  • When you combine your talent management strategy with a talent management system, you'll work faster, more effectively, and you'll free up time to focus on more value-added tasks.

    Why SAP Talent Management?

    SAP's cloud-based talent management software gives your employees, managers, and HR professionals the tools and guidance they need to succeed – regardless of where or when they're working. With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, you can hire the best candidates, engage employees, develop their skills, and make sure that every employee is rewarded and valued with mobile self-services available anytime, anywhere.

    Based on ratings collected in IDC’s 2022 SaaSPath Survey, SAP placed in the highest scoring group for vendors serving the SaaS TM application market and has been awarded IDC’s 2022 SaaS TM Customer Satisfaction Award

    Why trust MSiTeK when it comes to providing you with learning technology solutions for your enterprise?

    MSITEK has the expertise to help mid-market enterprises with their unique needs. We live and breathe the realities of growing businesses, and can address the needs of each stage in the value chain, from design to production to delivery, as well as sales, support, and back-office processes.

    Stop losing precious time with outdated processes and disjointed systems!

    By choosing SAP SuccessFactors, you are choosing a single platform that can help transform your employees into a workforce that is engaged, excited, and ready to tackle the challenges associated with your company's growth.

    By choosing MSiTeK, you are selecting a team of qualified IT experts of the highest order, who will apply a solution that best fits your needs and business demands.





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