19Dec 2019
Safety and Incident

Simplified Safety and Incident Management process

This product deployment aims to build a simplified, form-based application to streamline the Safety and Incident Management process.

30Oct 2019

E-commerce Platform

This is one stop global solution to provide a common e-commerce platform for suppliers and members Platform provides great convenience of ordering from a cloud based global marketplace and also gives ability to order from computer or Smart phone 24/7

25Jul 2019
Precise Tracking App

Precise Tracking and Paperless Management of Inventory

Ensure Precise Tracking and Paperless Management of Inventory.

21Apr 2019
Automated Approval workflows

Automated Approval Workflows

This solution automates the approval workflows.

16Jan 2019
Work Orders

Simplified Work Orders

The project targets streamlining the create and update process of Work Orders by inyard or in-field mechanics, service writers and maintenance managers.

15Oct 2018
Chat bot

Chat Bot

Chat bot to automate the customer support for a logistics company. It helped them reduce operating cost and increased customer retention with the personal service.

10Jul 2018
Digital Warehouse

Digital Warehouse for A Game Distribution Company

Managed digital warehouse for a game distribution company.

04May 2018
Desktop Widget

Desktop Widget for a Technology company

Designed, Developed and deployed Desktop Widget for a Technology company.