Lead Value Capture with Modern Spend Management, Strategic Sourcing, and Supplier Management

The shift is loud and clear. From a traditional operating function, procurement has moved front and center of the organization, thanks to Covid-induced disruptions, geo-political instability and frequent natural calamities. There is a fervent rush to modernize procurement operations with digitization. Are you getting left behind? MSITEK is a leading implementation partner and reseller of SAP Ariba licenses. We have modernized procurement practices and embedded resilience in business by implementing SAP Ariba. By combining SAP Ariba and our expertise, we have delivered value-first solutions for businesses, equipping organizations to take market-leading positions.

A global survey by Economist Impact finds organizations are re-imaging the role of procurement and supply chain after Covid pandemic disruptions to better prepare for uncertainties. Nearly 40% of organizations are seeking to extract higher cost savings, closely followed by a risk-mitigation strategy with supplier diversification at 38%.

Digital procurement delivers significant benefits including the following


Process mapping; define multiple workflows and supplier diversification


Process automation; simplify onboarding; identify new risks and opportunities


Standardized vetting of suppliers; visibility provides more accountability


Reduced revenue leakages; competitive bidding

Risk Mitigation

Contract management; quality control; visibility into supplier ecosystem

Empowered Inventory Management

Better mapping of demand and supply; predictive analytics identify seasonal demand

Higher Compliance

Financial compliance; sustainability goals; risk mitigation

Our Value Proposition

Guided by our underlying philosophy that together we create great outcomes, MSITEK combines astute skills in bringing people, processes, and technology to deliver superlative outcomes.

Reseller and Implementation Partner

As a global reseller of SAP Ariba licenses and implementation partner, MSITEK is a single source to fulfill Ariba purchase and deployment.

Assets & Repositories

Leverage our knowledge repositories of accelerators, templates, assets, and best practices for fast roll out, superior outcomes, and reduced risks. MSITEK uses the SNAP framework for Ariba roll out.

Strategic Assessment

Take advantage of our technical expertise and experience, we study the existing systems and processes, assess the business requirements, and design a customized solution around SAP Ariba to meet specific needs.

Business Transformation

MSITEK team transforms the supply chain strategies with automation, digitization, and best practices to put in place a streamlined and transparent procurement system.

Integration Services

As SAP's preferred partner we have the technical expertise to seamlessly integrate Ariba with SAP ERP, Cloud Integration Gateway and third-party platforms quickly and easily, cutting reducing the implementation timeline.

Support Services

Let MSITEK support services take care of your day-to-day operations and application management services, including service and incident management. This will free the customer’s IT team to focus on innovation and value creation.

Global Presence

Our global presence across the US, Canada, India, and Europe enable us to leverage cost-arbitrage and deliver projects faster as teams work across time zones.

Re-Imagine Procurement

Digitize Procurement to Drive Innovation and Create Business Value. Navigate Unpredictability with smart spend management strategies

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Our Credentials


  • Integrated SAP Punchout catalog with SAP ECC & SAP S/4 HANA systems.
  • Unique implementation wherein we integrated OCI catalogs for major suppliers in the US and Canada.


  • Testing and validation of SAP Ariba implementation.
  • Collaborated with SAP to drive improvements in system implementations and validations.

  • Seize the Opportunity to Transform Procurement with SAP Ariba

    MSITEK Enables you to rapidly achieve a step-change in the operating ecosystem backed by high-quality services and precision delivery

    Supply Chain Management

    Simplify supplier management with reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive view of supplier. End-to-end management of supplier information, lifecycle, performance and risk. Drive spend to preferred supplier and reduce risk in every step on the way from supplier onboarding, qualification, segmentation and performance management.

    Strategic Solutions Management

    Entire sourcing, contracting and spend in one place. Source and manage direct and indirect materials on a single platform. Discover qualified suppliers, speed up sourcing cycles, create competitive, best-value agreements with all sourcing needs. Standardize source to pay contract processes across teams.

    Procurement Solutions

    Improve the user experience and recreate the experience to guide users to the best choices. Allow in-built intelligence to facilitate decision making. Better spend management by linking all spend categories together around the world. Remove workflow and data silos between teams to allow free flow of information and insights.